Name:Mini Laser Engraving Machine
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Date:2018-06-20 04:18:30
Brief:Mini Laser Engraving Machine Model 3040C

Mini Laser Engraving Machine Model 3040C


   1.Import liner high speed side rail,which can ensure high precision ,high speed and super long operation life;

   2.Newly professional software and motherboard,powerful,and continuously work under high temperature,support Coredraw output;

   3.Humanity Design,Current LCD monitors,each swith button is at a glance,simple trimming the potentiometers which can make the operation more convenient;

   4.Laser head snti-burning blowing systerm,making the products more perfect;

   5.High efficiency smoking device,combimed with the lead fans can timely remove the ash produced during engraving work and always maitain a clean work environment;

   6.Elevator 130mm engraving platform with fixture which can be instead of by cellular platform,which can easily complete the gift engraving of different heights and seal carving;

   7.Specialized laser power supply together with fan cooling and dehumidification,which can ensure the performance of the laser power more stable to solve your worries;

   8.The inlet pipe 、outlet pipe and air blow pipeare all silicone tube,which can solve your worries,bloe pipe is imported high quality bloe pipe with reliable quality.


     It is widely used in personalized crafts and gifts,glass crafts,packaging and printing,paper-cutting industry,garment,leather,and seal making etc.industry.

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